We offer Architectural and Engineering Design services to various Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Bio technology, Labs, R & D, Residential, Logistics, etc....


We wish to become the most valued company to our Customers, our Colleagues and our Business Partners.


We have made rapid gains over the years and it would remain our constant efforts to continue to bring in the best of technologies to service the Industry.

Our Works

  • API Facilities Design Consultants Mumbai, India
  • Formulations Plant Design Consultants Mumbai, India
  • Pharma Laboratories Design Consultants Mumbai, India


Our experience and unique independent approach is structured to rigorously address functional, spatial, technical, and aesthetic issues with clients, consistent with the nature of work.

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Our superlative experience of working on civil engineering projects across a range of sectors helps us create structures that are truly responsive to their intended use and immediate environment.

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We have an understanding of all of the functions and responsibilities required during the various phases of a project life cycle, thereby enabling us to implement and deliver successful projects around the world.

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We focus on sustainability and look into the future to ensure that our designs will continue to work in terms of place, purpose and people in the years to come.

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We strive to develop systems that can generate water of a quality and quantity to meet the daily domestic and Process water requirements conforming to the cGMP standards.

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As one of the important aspect of successful project, we provide assistance in choosing right partners and high quality material Procurement assistance services

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