Arnita was founded in 1993 by Sunita Waikar and
Aarti Agarwal.

We have offices in Mumbai and Goa.

Founded in 1993 by partners Sunita Waikar and Aarti Agarwal, ARNITA amalgamates design innovation and execution. Over the past three decades, Arnita has multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from small scale public buildings to large scale pharmaceutical and Biotechnology laboratories, each carrying hallmark of creativity and innovation. Our projects are a testimony to our advanced ideas and technology. We are also modernizing brownfield projects by scaling up processes and repurposing spaces.

Arnita offers turnkey consultancy that caters to every need from concept to execution. Our enthusiasticteam of architects provides imaginative and progressive designs which are put into life by collaborative efforts of our innovativ eengineers from Civil, Process, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical and LV teams. Despite site restrictions and economic parameters, we have achieved purposeful, high-quality work owing to the constant project analysis and quality assurance by the projects team. Our validation services team is in constant pursuit to ensure that the requirements of the design are as per international standards.

Our pharmaceutical projects are planned, designed, and executed to ensure regulatory compliance with norms given by the authority like Local FDA, USFDA, MHRA, WHO Geneva, Schedule M, PICS and TGA.